No purchase or sale transactions are the same. 


Therefore, it is impractical to give a precise fixed fee for such work without first providing us with details of your transaction. Whilst larger and volume led conveyancers will operate on a website quotations basis, we are niche firm and prefer to provide our clients with a personal service. However, in line with the SRA’s Price Transparency below our estimates of our typical charges for a transaction.


Our typical charges for (non-new build) residential conveyancing matter are outlined below. We apply a minimum fee of £850 plus VAT in relation to a sale and £1,000 plus VAT in relation to a purchase. If you are purchasing a new build property which can include a property up to 10 years old, please contact us directly for us to provide you with a bespoke fee quotation.

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Again, for the avoidance of doubt, the above figures are only estimates and do not represent the fees we will agree to charge because they depend on the nature and particulars of your transaction. The fee chargeable will be agreed with you in our terms of engagement. To finalise or provide a bespoke quotation we require the following information:


  • The purchase price.

  • The address including post code of the property.

  • The length of the chain of transactions.

  • The parties desired timescales.

  • The identity of the lender (if any) and the value of any borrowing.


Conveyancing disbursements

Conveyancing transactions include several disbursements. Some disbursements are compulsory because they are requirements of lenders. Again, every transaction is unique, however, below is a summary of the typical disbursements which may be incurred in relation to your matter. In respect of property searches, the search cost varies dependent on the location of the property being purchased.


  • Local authority search – the cost of such search can be between £200-£400 plus VAT

  • Water and drainage searches - the cost of such search can be between £80-£150 plus VAT

  • Environmental searches - the cost of such search can be between £70-£125 plus VAT

  • Chancel liability searches - the cost of such search can be between £50-100 plus VAT

  • Land Registry fees – the charge depends on the number of documents requested – the charge is normally £3 per document. No VAT is chargeable by Land Registry. 

  • Land Registry registration fees – the cost of registering your purchase or an interest in a property depends on the value of the transaction but can range between £50 and £350. No VAT is chargeable.

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) – this is a tax chargeable when you buy property or land at a certain price in England and Norther Island. The calculation of the SDLT is complex and is determined on several factors relevant to your transaction.

  • Leasehold property management pack, landlord enquiries, notice to your landlord/management company on completion – these charges are dependant on the property and will be depended on the terms of your lease. The charges can vary from £100 to £250.


Key stages of a typical conveyancing transaction

Every transaction is unique. However, to assist, we have produced a flow chart of the typical stages of a transaction for your information which is available here.


People who deal with residential property

The people responsible for your matter will be Paresh Chohan (director/solicitor) or Krishan Kerai (director/solicitor). All trainee and or junior solicitors assisting with a transaction will be overseen be either of the above directors. All qualified solicitors regulatory records can be checked at either the Law Society or at the Solicitors Regulation Authority.