We accept instruction on behalf of employees and employers in relation to potential claims of unfair and or wrongful dismissal.


Again, our fees for acting on your behalf in relation to such matters depend very much on the specific facts and circumstances of your case.


Below is an estimate of the typical charges:

  • For attending to you including initial consultation, reviewing papers to assess the potential claims, and attending to pressure requirements involving ACAS and early conciliation - £1,500 plus VAT

  • For investigating the case and preparing and filing the claim form and attending to any statement of case in response (counter-claims, replies to defence and or defence to counterclaim) - £2,750 plus VAT.

  • For attending to and agreeing where possible directions, cost budgeting (if applicable), and filing with the Court requisite allocation and pre/post cost and case management conference documents - £1,000 plus VAT 

  • For dealing with disclosure, witness statements, negotiations, and all work preparatory to a hearing - £5,000 plus VAT 

  • For attending a final hearing with Counsel assuming less than a 1-day trial - £1,500 plus VAT 


We repeat and for the avoidance of doubt, the above estimates are not firm fee quotations because every case is unique and requires separate consideration. The above figures are provided purely for illustrative purposes to provide you with the likely estimate of our charges. 


We strongly suggest you contact the firm directly in order that we can understand the nature of your specific instructions in order that we can provide you with a bespoke quote.


Employment tribunal claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal – disbursements

Below are examples of typical disbursement which may be incurred on your behalf in relation to your matter


  • In some cases, we may recommend taking advice from a specialist Counsel to advise on specific matter and or the prospects of success of your claim. We cannot provide a fixed fee for this, however, provide an estimate of Counsel’s fees ranging between £500 to £1,000 in respect of advising of matters from the outset. VAT in this regard will be chargeable on most Counsels’ fee. 

  • The Court fees for proceedings with a claim in the Employment Tribunal will depend on the nature and value of the claim.


Key stages of a debt recovery matter

Every matter is unique. However, the following are guidelines of the various timescales and key stages.

  • Attending to you to investigate your claim, take instructions and prepare statement of case for filing at Court – 2-4 weeks

  • Attending to the opponent’s statement of case after issuing of claim – 2-3 weeks

  • Attending to matters and directions of the Court from close of parties filing their statement of case to trial, which include attending to case management directions, cost budgeting, disclosure, witness statements and trial preparation and attending a 1-day trial – approximately 9 months from issue of the claim. This timescale is very much dependant on the capacity of the Court handling your claim which we have no control over.

People who deal with unemployment claims involving wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal

The people responsible for your matter will be Paresh Chohan (director/solicitor) or Krishan Kerai (director/solicitor). All trainee and or junior solicitors assisting with a transaction will be overseen be either of the above directors. All solicitors regulatory records can be checked at either the Law Society or at the Solicitors Regulation Authority.